New webpage


So... Here it is; a totally new webpage made by myself. All those of You who know me, know how big of a struggle this has been for me to do... For I am everything but a computer person, and don't like spending time in front of the screen. But well, I had to try it. I wanted to. Independence. This creation is far from perfect, yes, but hopefully You will find here some essential and direct information about my works. A lot is still under construction...

It was not easy to go through all my old pieces. Themes are so sad and heartbreaking. But it is my job. Part of it. When I "create" pieces, it is kind of easy; I just think through making them. To report what goes around in this world. Have to find the right colors... Right symbols... And "it" just happens slowly: the piece becomes ready. But what I feel as a hard work is the documenting and marketing part. I would not like to stay in those themes anymore once they are "ready", for they are so full of sorrows.

So... This project was mentally heavy.

People often ask if it is difficult to let go of my works. The truth is that for me, it is the best thing to happen to them. They will continue their purpose as reports. To tell their stories in front of people. For people. I have been lucky to get my pieces to several public collections, where many people can see them and their messages. And many pieces have found their places in private collections. For these themes are sadly occurring everywhere, which is why my goal has never been to work only in national scale. It is one of the challenges too; symbols aren´  t the same everywhere. But on the other hand empathy can grow everywhere.

After taking pictures of them (documentation part), I just let go of them. I must do it. I want to do it.

I don´  t believe in vandalism or demonstrations. Decisions are made elsewhere. If decision makers see my work in the museums or galleries... Maybe then new laws are made to benefit wildlife, farm animals, fur animals, pets... It is my way of influencing. Has been, is and will be. My goal. Not a secret anymore.