"Melting points"

necklace (glass beads, porcelain figurine, thread, velvet ribbon, wire)


The climate change is happening right now.



necklace (glass beads, thread, velvet ribbon, a plastic toy, wire)


How to wander, if there is no place to go?



brooch/ shoulder piece (glass beads, a plastic figurine, paint, safety pins, velvet ribbon, thread)


If all of their natural habitat will be destroyed, those few individuals kept in captivity will become remnants of something which doesn´t exist anymore... Something that we people destroyed. They will be sights, representers of the world which is existing only in dreams, memories, tales... Is that what you want?


"Old Friend"

jewellery sculpture (glass beads, a plastic figurine, hematite, thread)


With broken legs they try to jump and greet us, like always before. With aching back they still try to sit and walk next to us. With blind eyes they try to lead us. With tired heart they love us even in the end.

Their love is golden one. They become old just like we. Old age is not a reason for abandoning. It is often a phase, when they need our love the most. To have a heart by their side. A heart which can choose sorrow for oneself in form of longing, if it helps the other to let go of unbearable suffering, which medicines and treatments can´t help anymore. They can´t speak with words. So our love must speak for them. To love also in the end.



brooch (hematite, metal pins, a plastic toy, steel)


If I could, I would save them all...

To give them shields and shelters.

To give them a place of refuge.

For people have taken so many forests, so many meadows...

People have so unfair weapons...

Every time when I meet these Wild Stars... Feels like a miracle. And the same goes with other deer, hares, foxes, dragonflies... And they are...




jewellery sculpture (glass beads, hematite, a part of costume jewellery, a plastic toy)


Every day thousands of donkeys are forced to work against their will. They suffer from back and leg pains, untreated hoof problems...

Year after year.

With no holidays, no retirement.

No right to complain. Would you be happy living on those terms?



necklace (glass beads, metal pins, a plastic toy)


I often feel a little bit sad, when I see nature photography showing animals being killed and eaten. Death is an important part of life... The end of it. And in nature that is the moment, when one returns into particals being used for other lives. To become new life. To be part in the circle of life.

But what I always start to wonder is, is it appropiate to show the corpse all over the internet. Isn´t it kind of disrespectful? Especially the images where you can still see the eyes of the dead one.



installation (drawn glass, a plastic toy)


Outside the cage...

Free from cage...

Broken cage bars...

For Life does not belong in cage.





sculpture/ pendant (glass beads, thread, a plastic toy)


Those animals who were.

Those animals who are.


( Homage to Rangifer tarandus fennicus)


"Fears" & "Passion"

necklaces (glass beads, plastic toys, velvet ribbons)