"Free will"

necklace (glass beads, oxidized silver chain, gold leaf, oxidized silver lock, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)

"In the dark"

necklace (glass beads, oxidized silver beads, onyx, oxidized silver lock, oxidized silver, thread (polyamide and cotton), plastic toys)


In the darkness...

In the dark nights...

In the freezing cold nights...

They have to learn to survive. Every night is a question of Life and Death. For human eyes, night in the wilderness is dark and thus lifeless. But it is full of Life.

Those, who carry the Light.

Those, who carry the Life.


"Snow blindness"

necklace (glass beads, howlite, metal pins, oxidized silver lock, snow quartz, steel wire, thread (polyamide and cotton), a plastic toy)

"But they don´t love him"

pendant (glass beads, metal link, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)


People who eat meat, say that they love...

But they only love meat.


"Lost land"

necklace (glass beads, costume jewellery chain, tiger´s eye, jet, oxidized silver lock, paint, plastic, thread (cotton), thread (polyamide), plastic toys)

"Lost space"

necklace (glass beads, copper chain (self-made), jet, oxidized silver lock, paint, metal pins, plastic, thread (polyamide), plastic toys)


necklace (glass beads, brass chains (self-made), gold leaf, oxidized silver lock, metal pins, plastic, seashells, thread (polyamide), plastic toys)


Do you know the history of unicorns?