jewellery installation, two parts (glass beads, brass fasteners, a porcelain figurine, thread (polyamide))


Just swimming through...

When I was a child, I often watched my grandfather repairing fishing nets. He used to say, that some fishes learn to break nets. In this child´s mind, it became quite a scene, with one Fish out there in murky waters being so intelligent, that would never surrender in front of too weak nets...



jewellery installation, seven parts (glass beads, a porcelain figurine, thread (polyamide))

"Composition" installation, three parts

(glass beads, oxidized silver chains, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)


jewellery sculpture (glass beads, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)

"Mer de Noms"

necklace (agate, glass beads, oxidized silver chain, lapis lazuli, pins, plastic, silver, sodalite, thread (polyamide), copper wire, steel wire)


So many become seen only after they are already dead.


"Running games"

necklace (amber, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, a costume jewelry part, plastic pearls, prehnite, quartz, strengthened silk, oxidized silver, a plastic toy, copper wire)

"Forest laws"

jewellery sculpture (glass beads, malachite, pins, prehnite, thread (cotton and polyamide), a plastic toy)

"La Primavera"

necklace (glass beads, pins, prehnite, strengthened silk, silver, a rubber toy)

"Medicine men"

necklace (amber, glass beads, tiger´s eye, howlite, jasper, pins, oxidized silver, thread (cotton and polyamide), a plastic toy)

"Holy waters"

jewellery sculpture (glass beads, brass fastener, thread (polyamide), wood)


Water with wildlife is precious. It is sad to see what is currently happening to sea Life... Freshwater lakes, rapids, streams... When all is directly or indirectly harnessed to become part of money-making industries... It often means that Life gets the second place, if any place at all.

The day will come when we will regret it, if we don´t change our way of living TOGETHER with other species on this planet.


"Lucky fur"

sculpture (glass beads, oxidized silver chains, a porcelain figurine, gold leaf, thread (polyamide), wood)


Fur is cruelty, when worn by someonewho was not born with it.


"Neglected crimes"

sculpture (glass beads, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy, wood)


"War heroes II"

jewellery sculpture (hematite, pins, a plastic toy)

"War heroes"

installation, 14 parts (hematite, pins, plastic toys)

"Until the end"

jewellery sculpture (glass beads, metal buttons, gold leaf, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)

"Trade of exotism"

jewellery sculpture (oxidized silver chains, metal fastener, a plastic toy)