jewellery installation, five parts (glass beads, thread (polyamide), plastic toys)


installation, three parts (glass beads, thread (polyamide), plastic toys)

"All rights reserved"

jewellery sculpture (glass beads, brass chains (self-made), gold leaf, pins, a plastic toy)


Animals don´t belong in zoos. While living abroad I visited dozens of zoos in Europe. No matter how much scientific efforts is made in them in order to preserve species... In front of those individuals, my heart wept every time. It is their natural environments which should be kept in safe.



necklace (glass beads, jasper, malachite, strengthened silk, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)


necklace (glass beads, brass chains (self-made), tiger´s eye, gold leaf, malachite, pins, oxidized silver, thread (polyamide), plastic toys)


pendant (glass beads, oxidized silver chain, thread (polyamide), plastic toys, wood)


installation, three parts (glass beads, thread (polyamide), plastic toys)


installation, 11 parts (amber, glass beads, marble, thread (polyamide), pins, a plastic toy)


sculpture (agate, hawk´s eye, snowflake obsidian, pins, a plastic toy)


pendant (glass beads, brass fastener, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)

"Born to run"

jewellery installation, two parts (glass beads, oxidized silver chains, tiger´s eye, pins, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy, wood)


brooc (glass beads, surgical stainless steel, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)

"Traces of time"

pendant (oxidized silver chain, marble, pins, a plastic toy)


pendant (glass beads, metal buckle, brass hooks, plastic, steel, thread (polyamide))

"The presence of death"

pendant (glass beads, metal fastener, plastic, steel, thread (polyamide))

"Before and after"

pendant (glass beads, metal fastener, plastic, steel, thread (polyamide))

"Lost mortals"

pendant (glass beads, metal buckle, plastic, steel, thread (polyamide))

"Lost atolls"

pendant (glass beads, copper, brass fastener, plastic, steel, thread (polyamide))

"Unkind humankind"

jewellery sculpture (glass beads, freshwater pearls, pins, thread (polyamide), a plastic toy)


At the time when I made this piece, I used freshwater pearls as symbol of pain because of the way how they are manufactured. Nowadays I no longer use them, for I don´t think it is right/ justified to support that industry, not even in the name of awareness, art...



sculpture (glass beads, oxidized silver chains, jet, pins, porcelain figurines, thread (polyamide), wood)


Nature reservates like national parks are important, but they should never be the only places for wildlife to exist. So many species have a natural need to wander in huge areas. Some animals also need a large territory not only because of the amount of specific food source, but also because of their natural behaviour towards each other. Too small group of individuals also have a small variation in gene pool, which will easily affect negatively in the health of the species sooner or later. Isolation is often dangerous. We should make sure, that there will be enough of natural environment for wildlife.