Hunting in Finland (part I)


Today some major happening in finnish news world. Hunters got secretly filmed and the video found a way to major newspapers...

This link goes to original page, where you can find that video showing how hunters train their dogs by using live foxes:

Who is surprised? There is also a vet present in documented scene approving what is happening?!?

It is not allowed to keep foxes as pets. Not allowed to take an injured one home and take care of him or her until fine to be released again... No, but yes: it is still accepted to use them as tools in sport hunting and of course in fur industry. The law says no for direct contact between dogs and foxes in training situations, but the reality in hobby scenes is what it is as well seen in the video.

Finland has a long way to being an ethical and civilized country.

After being published... The Finnish Kennel Club paused the action, but there is no reason to believe that hunters will not continue this brutal hobby behind the scenes. And most likely if there will be consequences of using foxes, they will only change the species to other cave animals.

The way how "we just take care of the forests and look after the number of finnish species".

So brave, noble and ethical way of doing it. Right?